To eliminate the consequences of the accident at the well no. A9-3 Urengoyskoye oilfield our company has landed a whipstock at 12352 ft. (3765 m.) depth. Once again Drilling Innovation quickly helped the Customer in a critical situation.

It took a little more than a day for Drilling Innovation’s staff to pick up, run, land the BS-146 and cut the window in 5-3/4” ( 146 mm) casing with drilling a rat hole.

Hot summer weather and blooming tundra met our technologist in the North - Urengoy field. Plus 31 degrees by Celsius in the shade and above twenty degrees at night. Well surrounded by young trees and the blue o cloudless sky - all this as it does not fit with the usual for these places saying - we have winter for 12 months of the year and the rest of year is the summer.

Coming of summer in the Far North has brought a regular whipstock job. We are again in the Yamal - Nenets Autonomous District, this time on Samburgsky field (gas, condensate and oil) which was put into operation in April 2012.

Использование клина-отклонителя с гидравлическим якорем за одну СПО дало возможность бурить боковой ствол из окна 168-ой колонны долотом диаметром 146 мм. Такой результат в точном соответствии с техническим заданием достигнут при операции вырезании окна с клина-отклонителя в сотрудничестве ООО «Инновации в бурении» и Стрежевского филиала ЗАО « ССК» на скважине № 2035 Северо-Уренгойского месторождения на глубине 3340 м. и зенитном угле 40 град.

In May, 2013 DI executives made a visit to Europe, where the representatives of the company Stockholm Precision Tool (SPT) conducted business negotiations on the organization of the service center of the geophysical latest developments, in particular - the GYRO tool and accessories for geophysical instruments produced in Europe .