Our technologists met the long-awaited May holidays on the rig site. Evidently this and good mutual understanding with the Customer allowed to provide whipstock services for a short time. The technologists with whipstock set have left our yard at noon and already at same time on next day they were at home.

Сommunity work day is the good tradition, kept from the Soviet era. Teams of Drilling Innovation Co. and Dynamic Drilling Technology Co. also marked the beginning of spring joint effort. Our own cozy yard gradually is transformed gradually. Despite the fact that our yard is designed for the manufacture and assembly of complex innovative drilling equipment, we have a cozy gazebo with a barbecue under a maple tree and even a birdhouse.

In very difficult weather conditions we had to assemble and run the whipstock with hydraulic anchor on the well No.1013 Samburgskogo condensate field. Despite the 45-degree cold the hydraulic system HAS-7" for 7' casing was assembled and run to the depth of 3246m. The window cutting process was finished during 9 hrs. Wall thickness - 10.36 mm at a zenith angle of 33 degrees.

Next window in 6-5/8” casing with application of hydraulic whipstock was provided by Drilling Innovation’s technologist in well no. 23715, Berezovsky field.

Drilling Innovation Co. has shipped two o sets of hydraulic whipstocks, KLEN HAS -9 type agreed by contract with the Customer for Indonesia. The sets are optimized according to agreed specifications and are packed in original boxes for shipping by airfreight.

On urgent request of Orenburgburneft JSC the whipstock services were provided in 6-5/8 casing with application of hydraulic anchor whipstock anchor, KLEN HAS -6 type. Zenith angle is 63 degrees.

Window was needed for accurate entry to formation specified by Samaraneftegaz JSC. The job was provided with orientation and accepted as be successful.