In late February Drilling Innovation run the hydraulic type whipstock for 5-3/4” (146 mm) casing in the well № 17 Aktanyshsky field.

This is a new field for Drilling Innovation where our company have provided the engineering and technological support for window cutting process at a depth 4740’ (1441 m) . The window was cut in the interval 4740-4750ft (1441,0-1444,0m) and 1,5m of rat hole.

On February 15th Drilling Innovation LLC set the whipstock in 6-5/8” production casing on well no. 1111 Khancheyskoye field, Yamal, West Siberia

After orientation by compact telemetry system the anchor was landed and shear bolt was cut on 22 Klb. The window was cut on 7959 – 7669’ and 21’ rat hole was drilled.

Our company was visited by representatives of Libyan company on February 6th . Citizens of the country embarked on the path of renewal with great interest got to know with company's products and learned their working principles. Libyan drillers as Russian have the same problems on drilling. This immediately allows to find a common language.

Proficiency of our guests helped to quickly understand the benefits of the equipment offered by our company.

Less than one day was required for Drilling Innovation’s experts to pick up, run in the hole, orientate, land BS-146 whipstock, cut a window in production casing with drilling a rat hole.

On February 6th, 2013 the technologists cut the window in casing on well no. 5848 Pionerskoe area, Romashkino field. The window was cut in 5-3/4” production casing with application of original whipstock with hydraulic anchor for one trip. Due to rightly selected BHA and high quality of equipment (mill ndergauge was 0.004 in. ) was provided free passing of the bit for sidetracking.

From 2013 Drilling Innovation will supply and provide services with whipstocks under his own trade name - Klen (KLEN). Klen from Russian is translated as maple. Maple is very strong and hardy plant that grows in Russia and in many countries. Our ancestors have made the wedges for wedging, wooden tools, and more other items from maple. KLEN in English sounds as wedge and for the Russian becomes immediately clear what was going on.

On December 30th , 2012 our engineers provided whipstock services at well # 5871, Romashkino field. BS – 146 hydraulic type whipstock was landed at 4176 ft depth.

This work was a challenge for a group of our new engineers. The exam was passed with honor. It took less than one day for Drilling Innovation’s experts to pick-up, run, set the whipstock and cut the window in production casing with next drilling a rat hole.