Product for losses zones isolation was shipped

In the last days of February "Drilling Innovation" LLC set hydraulic type whipstock in 146 mm production casing at the well № 306-Belozero Chubovskoye field.

At this time,our team of technologists with the sidetracking team of Eriell Co. conducted a whipstock job in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Сustomer is LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company.

The drilling contractor received a breakdown of downhole tool in well no. 4 Kovalevsky oilfield, Russia. Afterseveral unsuccessful fishing attempts the technical board of Siberian Service Co. close corporation decided to drill a lateral bore from open hole with application of 9 -5/8 whipstock. After revising submitted proposals from service providers our company was selected as whipstock job provider. Two days later our equipment and technologist were at the well.

Our company and crew of Otradnensky branch of JSC "SSC" cut the window in the casing.

On the New Year's Eve the jobs were completed on preparation for shipment of 7” whipstock systems for new foreign Сustomer - ERIELL Corporation s.r.o on the order LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company.