To sidetrack drilling on the wells № 32 and № 7 East Tarkosalinskoye field in October, were made works on cutting of windows in casings with diameters are 168mm.

In the period from August 30-th to September 10-th, the Drilling Innovation Co. applied the whipstock technology in 5 wells having 5-3/4 " & 6" sizes.

August 6-7, 2011: our specialists have assembled and set up the BS-146 whipstock in well no. 17 414, Romashkino oil field, development history which dates back to 1943. More than 15 billion barrels of oil was produced from this oil field. Today the Romashkino oil field is on late stage of its development. Depletion of stocks is more than 85%. One effective way of increasing producing ability of well is drilling of lateral bores. This makes possible to involve in the development of hard-to-extract oil reserves.

On July 16th Drilling Innovation in cooperation with the Krasnoyarsk branch of Siberian Service Company CC set a whipstock in open hole (well no. 604, Dulisma oil and gas condensate field, East Siberia). The Customer is Dulisma Oil Co.

After drilling a pilot hole and confirming the availability of useful hydrocarbons the Customer decided to install the whipstock above the reservoir, with a view to drill a horizontal section of the well.

One of the largest oil and gas companies – Samaraneftegaz once again applied for the services of Drilling Innovation. At this time, hydraulic type set has been installed at well no. 30, Krivolukskoe field.

Only 6,5 hrs for window cutting in 6-5/8" casing.