In addition to the whipstocks supply and carrying out of services for cutting the "window", specialists of Innovations in drilling company also provide Whipstock orientation services with their own equipment.

So last week our technologist Salavat performed Whipstock orientation services at the well on the Dysh oillfield.

Equipment for window milling in open hoe - Whipstock KLEN HA 9 5/8" was made and shipped to our Partners for setting on the Kolganovskoye oilfield.

Once again Drilling Innovations Whipstocks KLEN HA - 9 5/8” was shipped to our Partner in North America.

At the end of May Drilling Innovation LLC concluded a contract with new partners from the near abroad for supplying of Whipstocks with hydraulic anchor for window cutting.

At the end of May, specialists of Drilling Innovation LLC held meetings with Patners in UAE. With the aim of expanding the prospects for further cooperation there was presented the one Trip Hydraulic Whipstock equipment and the pumping station for water injection into wells to maintain reservoir pressure of oil wells, disposal of produced water.

In the continuation of long-term and fruitful cooperation of equipment supplying with our reliable Partner from Latin America, at this week we shipped the party of equipment for window cutting.