One more non-standard work was carried out by the Drilling Innovation specialists in the Krasnoyarsk region.

This time we had to solve the issue on whipstock setting in a 11.6" open hole. The complexity of the operation was that a large number of lost circulation zones created problems for the drilling engineers and the open hole walls were not stable, as pointed in the caliper logs from this well.

It was not possible to install a standard universal whipstock with hydraulic anchor. The open hole was washed out in places up to 600-700mm. Therefore, we decided to install a whipstock with using a cement plug.

The production department of the company worked promptly and the whipstock was prepared within 10 days and delivered to the drilling site by helicopter.

The whipstock was set on a cement plug at a depth of 3290m and the anchor was cemented in an open hole with an enlarged diameter. The cutting operation from the cemented whipstock took place as usual.

Drilling of this well continues without complications.