Loss of drilling fluid is a downhole complication characterized by complete or partial loss of circulation of the drilling fluid during drilling.

Factors affecting the occurrence of lost circulation can be divided into two groups:

1) geological factors - the type of absorbing formation, its thickness and depth, insufficient resistance of rocks to hydraulic fracturing, formation pressure and characteristics of the formation fluid, as well as the presence of other accompanying complications;

2) technological factors - the quantity and quality of the drilling mud pumped to the well, the method of drilling, the speed of the round-trip operations, etc .; this group also includes technical equipment and organization of the drilling process.

The isolation of lost circulation of drilling fluid is associated not only with significant material losses, but also significant losses in oil production that cannot be accounted for due to the deterioration of reservoir properties, reservoir productivity, low quality of cementing of production strings in complicated wells and untimely commissioning of wells. In this regard, the improvement of technological methods of isolation of lost circulation, the use of new technologies and materials that give the maximum economic result, are extremely important.

Drilling Innovation LLC offers several technologies to solve the problem of lost circulation, which our customers regularly use.

So at the beginning of September a separate container was shipped to our foreign partners.

Now the container has been loaded onto the ship and is awaiting departure from the port of St. Petersburg.