A very difficult job was conducted by the chief technologist of DI team. He had to work in the sultry heat, which was not any obstacle for the representative of Drilling Innovation LLC.

Preparing of the hydraulic type whipstock KLEN-HA-7’’ and its assembling at the rig floor did not pose any problems. Everything went on as usual. The whipstock was run and set in 7’’ casing at a depth of 3300m using a rig mud pump.

The main difficulty was milling out the technological window through 2 casings (177.8x11.51mm P-110 grade and 244.5x11.05mm grade C-95). The engineer of DI completed his job with remark from DS - "excellent job". The reaming mills manufactured by Drilling Innovation LLC came out without wear in diameter.

The next drilling BHA went through the window without any problems, which made it possible to continue drilling of sidetrack without hindrance. In a matter of days, drilling was completed and the Customer put another idle well into operation.