In hot July, it was possible to carry out work in various regions of the Russian Federation.

Despite the heat, process engineers simultaneously carried out work on cutting technological windows in 6-5/8" and 5-3/4" casings and on orientation at 3 wells at once.

Orientation at all objects was carried out with GYRO of Russian and foreign production.

Geophysical equipment and experienced process engineers of Drilling Innovation worked with the highest quality rating.

With the setting of whipstocks with hydraulic anchors, there were no problems either. We have been manufacturing hydraulic whipstocks for over 13 years. Very reliable and simple in design, the hydraulic anchor once again proved its effectiveness. The absence of cement behind the string at the place where the window was cut also did not cause any problems both during the cutting of the technological window itself and when moving away from the string during sidetrack drilling.

The technologists of Drilling Innovation LLC during the work were at a distance of more than 5,000 km from each other, but it seemed that they agreed and almost simultaneously completed the work, each in their own region. All with positive results.