South Tambeyskoye field was discovered in 1974. The field is located on north-east coast of the Yamal peninsula and some of it sinks beneath the waters of the Gulf of Ob.

South Tambeyskoye field is unique in terms of gas reserves and is one of the largest gas fields in the world. The field’s reserves according to C1+C2 evaluation are estimated at 1.256 trillion cubic meters.

In the end of July, our company has provided services on engineering support for window’s cutting in 6-5/8” (168 mm) production casing in the Yamal peninsula, utmost North, Russia.

On the period from July 1st to 2nd our team conducted NBEU trial on well no. Saih Rawl - 319, PDO, Sultanate of Oman. NBEU was used in BHA with PDC bit. The NBEU was applied on 8-3/8 drilling through sandstone horizon which is described as the strong abrasive formation. The new design of NBEU successfully passed this test. Customer expressed desire to test the NBEU in longer section.

At the well number 57 Nikiforovskoe field (in the Orenburg region) with a mobile drilling rig MBU-125 at a depth of 3113m was set hydraulic type whipstock BS-146.

Second job for the Customer from Uzbekistan. Cutting the window on well no. 31, South Kyzylbayrak field

After well construction in 2009 the Customer got the influx of oil with high content of water. After several attempts to solve this matter he decided to drill a lateral bore. As the Contractor our company was chosen.

April 26th, on well no. 96, Voinskoe field, Orenburg region with MBU - 125 mobile drilling rig the hydraulic type whipstock was set at 7598 ft. (2316 m.) depth . The orientation was done with GNOM-1 compact telemetry system. The shear bolts were released at 19.8 Klb load. It was taken 4.5 hrs to cut the window. Mill gage wear during cutting the window and rat hole during drilling is absent. The job was done for one trip.