On July 16th Drilling Innovation in cooperation with the Krasnoyarsk branch of Siberian Service Company CC set a whipstock in open hole (well no. 604, Dulisma oil and gas condensate field, East Siberia). The Customer is Dulisma Oil Co.

After drilling a pilot hole and confirming the availability of useful hydrocarbons the Customer decided to install the whipstock above the reservoir, with a view to drill a horizontal section of the well.

One of the largest oil and gas companies – Samaraneftegaz once again applied for the services of Drilling Innovation. At this time, hydraulic type set has been installed at well no. 30, Krivolukskoe field.

Only 6,5 hrs for window cutting in 6-5/8" casing.

Drilling Innovation LLC together with the partner company Innoil LLC have took a part in isolation of behind – the – casing flow on well no. 8554 of West - Bureykinskogoe oilfield (Central part of Russia).

2011 SPE/DGS Annual Technical Symposium and Exhibition was held in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, from May 14 to 19, 2011. This important event was held to promote knowledge exchange and highlight technologies advancement in the petroleum and gas industry. The symposium was a very well-attended regional event which attracted more than 2,500 attendees in the year 2011. Our paper «Methods of drilling rate increase, near bit ejector application» (SPE 149113) was accepted in the participation. The results (bit’s saving & ROP increase) achieved with the application of NBEU attracted the attention of drilling companies.

On the 3-d of April 2011, Drilling Innovation Company has provided services on the window cutting and whipstock orientation in the well number 1 Kovalevskoe field.