On the request of our partners, for solving the accident issue at the Beregovoe oil field we promptly prepared a set of equipment: the whipstock with hydraulic anchor type KLEN HA – 6 5/8.

At the end of July, specialists of Drilling Innovation LLC held meetings with representatives of the drilling companies who work in the American continent.

In the framework of the meeting the Drilling Innovation LLC presented its equipment and services

Drilling Innovation LLC continues to expand geography of equipment supplying. One-trip Whipstocks with hydraulic anchor.

Whipstock KLEN 13-3/8’’ Equipment for window-cutting Whipstock KLEN 13-3/8’’ consists of hydraulic anchor, wedge deflector, mill system and additional equipment for whipstock KLEN’s setting.

Equipment for window-cutting with hydraulic anchor KLEN HA 6-5/8’’ In May Drilling Innovation LLC dispatch equipment for our foreign partners. Five standard sets of whipstock KLEN HA 6-5/8’’.