At the end of June, Drilling Innovation's specialists assembled and runned a hydraulic type whipstock for 9 5/8" casing at the well of our Customer in Latin America.

This well was the deepest in the history of our company - more than 6,000 meters.

The Drilling Innovation company For 4 years have been cooperating with a Partner from Lantin America for the supply of equipment and services.

Last week we shipped 2 sets of 6-5/8” Whipstock and 5 Hydraulic Anchors for 6-5/8” casing.

After a successful presentation, we signed new Contract for supplying of whipstock equipment to South-East Asia.

At the beginning of May we have received request from our Partner for supplying of Whipstock with hydraulic anchor KLEN HA 6 5/8”.

Due to the fact that standard sets are always available in our warehouse, within a few days the equipment was shipped to the base of our Customer.

In March, the Drilling Innovation Company entered into a new contract with reliable Partners for the supply of equipment to North America.

At the beginning of the April we shipped the equipment for drilling completion to our near abroad customer's base.