Thanks to the coordinated job of the Drilling Innovation’s technologist and drilling team managed by foreman Mr. M. Kuvshinov the next window was cut on more than 10000 ft. depth in 5-3/4” casing, Kolganovskoe field (Orenburg region).

Unique work was undertaken by Drilling Innovation specialists outside of Russia with the application of profile liner. In this case the profile liner PL-168C was used to eliminate leaks in the 6-5/8" casing (168mm) at a depth of 785m.

Traditionally the Drilling Innovation meet and spend the holidays on the rig site. The last weekends and holidays was not exception.

KLEN 12-3/4" with profiled anchor for 324mm casing

The window was cut on a well, Samburgsky field (condensate gas and oil). 7” casing, 29 lbm/ft, N-80. The KLEN HA-7 whipstock was set on 9612 ft. depth.

Next window in 5-3/4” casing with application of hydraulic whipstock was provided by Drilling Innovation’s technologist in well no. 17159, Romashkinskoye field. The whipstock was landed at 3136 ft depth.