Next window in 6-5/8” casing with application of KLEN-HA-6 5/8 hydraulic whipstock was provided by Drilling Innovation’s technologist in well no. 1615 Zelenorgoskoy area Romashkinskoye field. The whipstock was landed at 5085ft depth. The equipment’s quality and strict phased implementation of the work plan allowed to complete the job as soon as possible. There is no mill’s undergauge. The Customer’s drilling team has not encounter any problems on running BHA for sidetracking.

Drilling Innovation LLC has supplied the unusual for the Russian market 10-3/4" whipstock with hydraulic anchor from the profiled pipe to his good foreign partner and customer.

On September 12th in honor of the Whipstockman’s Day for our employees was organized the field trips. We played different kind of games: football, volleyball and paintball. The trip was completed by around the campfire songs with a guitar. Full of impressions and pretty tired, we returned home.

Regular kickoff made Drilling Innovation company in August. One of such job was made of applying a hydraulic whipstock KLEN 5 ¾ for window cutting process in 5 ¾ casing on Vyngayakhinskoye field.

To solve the accident situation at the well of Samaraneftegaz (Rosneft oil company) our company have set the 9-5/8 whipstock at 10521 ft depth. Less than 24 hrs has passed from the order receipt till delivering the equipment and arriving the technologist to the well. Despite the complications with the uncased part of well (drilled with 8-1/2 bit), whipstock was run to the requested depth.

In early June, our company held a successful work of setting the hydraulic whipstock KLEN 9-5/8" anchor type fo an open hole in the well at Kuleshovsky oil field in Samara region for "Samaraneftegaz.