It is generally known that rate of penetration (ROP) is one of main factors having an influence on cost-performance characteristics of drilling. We analyzed the progress trends of drilling trends and developed a original ejector device – near-bit ejector unit (NBEU) for drilling rate increase . It can be used on rotary drilling, on drilling with PDM and on turbine motor drilling. It is antiballing device.

We can guarantee that by fulfilment of our technology you can increase the rate of penetration (ROP) and bit footage from 20% and more. These factors help reduce the timetable, capital and power inputs.

The technology involves the following basic operations.

1. The required hydraulic conditions are defined and rated nozzles are installed.

2. The NBEU is installed above over the bit.

3. The BHA with installed NBEU is run in to the bottomhole.

4. The drilling starts. The drilling mud is injected. One part of flow is directed to the bit, another- to NBEU.


A. The rate of penetration (ROP) is increased

B. Drilling time is decreased

C. Saving of bits quantity and trips for bit’s replacement

D. Bits status: suitable for further use.

E. The caliper log shows that hole drilled with NBEU’s application is in good condition. There are no washouts. The caliper log received on this well in comparison with another wells is much better.

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