The working meeting of experts of the Drilling Innovation company and specialists of drilling, geophysical and project companies took place July 8th. Technologies and equipment for drilling and enhanced oil recovery were presented there. In particular, it was about the One Trip hydraulic Whipstock equipment, Profile liner technology for well design simplifications and for drilling without loss in diameter, about technology and equipment for increase rate of penetration (ROP) and number of bits saving. Also specialists discussed the pumps and the modular pumping stations for reservoir pressure maintenance system.

The presentation was attended by specialists of leading enterprises of the holding.

The key needs were Identified and all questions what raised during the presentation were solved by specialists of Drilling innovation company.

The Drilling Innovation LLC is thankful for the meeting, organizing the event and for the deep interest in the presented materials. According to the results of theoretical reports about the methods of side-tracking and well construction from the representatives of the units was obtained a positive evaluation. Effective methods of isolation of lost circulation zones in drilling and other complications in the well construction in complex geological conditions were very helpful. The ways of increasing the penetration rate and energy-efficient pumps for reservoir pressure maintenance system were also appreciated.