Drilling Innovation company won a tender for the supply of equipment and services for window cutting in the casing abroad.

According to the technical project, the work will be done in 140mm casing using a set of equipment for sidetracking.

The equipment consists from 3 sets of Permanent Whipstock KLEN-HA 5-1/2”, Additionally double mill (diameter 116.5mm), Overflow Valve and UBHO.

An additional double mill is designed for preparation and templating interval of the technological window in casing. It can be used for cutting out the technological window, its preparation and calibration.

Overflow Valve is used to fill the Whipstock and the drilling tool with a liquid while tripping in hole and to prevent the anchor from collapsing.

UBHO is used for orienting the Whipstock before sidetracking.

Today all equipment safely passed the customs clearance and sent to the well of our Customers by truck.

The work is planned to be carried out in the near future.