In the period from 10th October to 17th October, the specialists of Drilling Innovation company, together with an abroad Partner, carried out services on sidetracking with using of a hydraulic whipstock.

In this case we used a 3-milling set, developed jointly with our Partner.

Setting, orientation of the whipstock with an unique hydraulic anchor, and cutting the window were performed in one trip-operation at a depth of 2550m. The uniqueness of the anchor supplied by the Drilling Innovation company lies in the possibility of setting both in the cased and open hole, without any significant changes.

All work was carried out in the regular mode. The three-milling set ensured the uninterrupted entering to the “window” of the next sets for drilling of sidetrack hole, which is 1500m long. And it is planned to finish the well in a horizontal section.

We wish our Partners further have successful operations and completion of work in the regular mode!