Once again the equipment for window milling in the cased hole was prepared on the request of our reliable foreign partners.

This time it were four standart KLEN HA 6-5/8 (One trip Whipstosks with hydraulic anchor for window milling in the cased 168mm) and two reaming mills-144mm, KLEN HA 10-3/4 for cased 273mm with window mill-170mm and reaming mill-180mm.

The hydraulic whipstock was used for window milling in East Siberia

In June 2016 Drilling Innovation LLC successfully had cut window in well of Ujno-Subbotinskoe field.

Finally, spring is here! Warm and long-awaited. The snow melted and the beautiful sun not only shines but also warms.

Drilling Innovation Company together with the Drilling crew conducted the window milling & kickoff operations during the New Year holidays in Muslyumovskoe oil field.

Drilling innovation LLC hosted new guests and introduced them with the one-trip Whipstock, expandable profile liner for isolation of lost circulation zones, underreamers, circulating valves, workover and casing repair tools.