The choice of color in the system RAL Classic

Armokot F100

- industrial universal metal designs

- supporting and protecting designs of buildings and structures

Armokot C101

- facades of buildings, reinforced concrete chimneys (till 200оС);

- above-land and protecting and load-bearing reinforced concrete structures, bridge spans

- operating temperature from -60оС till +200оС;

- reduces the amount of water absorption of concrete is 4 times.


- sulfuric corrosion of internal surfaces of flues, interior and exterior surfaces of chimneys (temperature up to 200ºC);

- equipment of chemical and metallurgical industries

- excellent resistance to acidic environments

Armokot S70

- facilities operating under the exposure to high corrosive gas environment containing oxides of nitrogen, chlorine, carbon, sulfur, ammonia vapor, etc.

- excellent resistance to acid and alkaline environments

Armokot Z600

- protection from exposure to petroleum products, mineral oil (splash and spillage)

- outsides of pipelines, storage tanks for petroleum products, etc.

Armokot V500

- metal and reinforced concrete structures at temperatures up to +400 ° C and mechanical loads (abrasive action);

- hydrotechnical facilities operating in conditions of high humidity and the pipings.

Armokot Termo

- operating temperature from -60 °C till +700 °C depending on color;

- good electrical insulating properties.

Armokot A501

- equipment and facilities of nuclear power plants, containers for transporting spent nuclear fuel.

- high radiation resistance > 1 MGy;

- resistance to temperature drops from - 60оС till +300оС.

Primer Armokot 01

- protection of metal structures and equipment as a primer in the system with other Armokot’s coatings.

- high corrosion resistance;

- reduces the reactivity of metal;

- inhibits the electrochemical processes