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Integrated solutions in drilling

Our primary mission is to provide the Customers with a full range of engineering support for well construction with application of innovative technologies.

The company’s office is located in Oktyabrsky city, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation Go to contacts

Drilling Innovation is a manufacturer of reliable and high-quality products for drilling and well repair.

We work where there are need for good equipment and providing quality oilfield services.

Drilling innovation LLC aims to live up to its name and offers to Customers innovative products, which save their time and material resources:

For drilling and well repair:

  • One-trip whipstock for cased and open hole
  • The isolation of lost circulation zone and drilling without size loss
  • Increase rate of penetration and number of bits saving
  • Underreamers
  • Lost circulation materials
  • Casing repair technologies

For constructions:

  • Rig shelters. Buildings. Enclosures
  • Unique Long - lasting polysiloxane coatings and paints

All technologies and equipmentmeet international standards for quality, technological parameters and reliability.

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