While someone was preparing for the celebration of the New Year, we were preparing equipment for our foreign partners.

12 sets of KLEN HA – 9-5/8” Hydraulic whipstocks and other related equipment were shipped in early December for export to another continent.

Arkhangelsk region, Arctic. Near the White Sea.

Window milling operation was carried out in a 9-5/8" casing.

August will be remembered for a number of works carried out by Drilling Innovation specialists in various regions of the Russian Federation.

All wells were equipped with whipstocks of our own production with a unique hydraulic anchor - simple and at the same time very reliable.

In hot July, it was possible to carry out work in various regions of the Russian Federation.

Despite the heat, process engineers simultaneously carried out work on cutting technological windows in 6-5/8" and 5-3/4" casings and on orientation at 3 wells at once.

One more shipment of KLEN-HA hydraulic type whipstock was made to a new Customer.