During the May holidays, the specialists of our company carried out work on the oriented setting of a whipstock at a depth of 1645m and cutting a technical window through 2 casings with a high strength group (P-110).

A pre-prepared work plan and pre-conducted "drilling on paper" and a high level of specialist training made it possible to cut a window through two casings : 6-5/8’’ #24ppf and 9-5/8’’ #47ppf

All operations were performed in the normal mode, according to the work plan. Orientation was carried out with a small-sized gyro-inclinometer. The technological window through 2 casings was cut out in 6 hours with a mechanical speed of 0.5m/h and a pocket of 5.5m was drilled with a mechanical speed of 2.2m/h.

New designed mills once again proved their effectiveness, and the specialists of DI LLC completed their work with a mark - "EXCELLENT" from the customer.