Drilling Innovation was established by the founders as a limited liability company. The company’s office is located in Oktyabrsky city, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation. Drilling Innovation is part of DDS Group of Companies.

Shipping of materials, tools and devices is carried out at any location agreed with the Customer. We cooperate with reliable shipping companies which have repeatedly delivered on time, our goods to Eastern and Western Siberia, the Far North and south of Russia, and also in case of need, we will deliver the equipment to any region of the world.

The company regularly participates in various local and foreign exhibitions, conducts presentations and participates in scientific conferences.

Geography of works constantly expands. Scale and number of Russian and foreign projects actively grows. It's Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, UAE, Oman, Indonesia, Argentina etc.

Profitable. Our own manufacturing allows us not to raise prices constantly. We can also modify our products under the special requirements of client.

Comfortably. We are ready to meet our partners halfway and have the opportunity to fulfill orders with specific technical characteristics. Skilled technologists design a work plan by themselves and choose all necessary equipment. We only need a drilling program from you and consent on our proposed solutions. It is comfortably.

Securely. Our specialists work in the drilling field for over 13 years. Using their invaluable experience and knowledge, and using a flexible approach, the company's employees are able to offer to everybody individual solution and implement the project of any scale and complexity. We are committed to honest, open and transparent relations with all participants of the business: customers, partners and employees. You can trust us.

Correctly. We come to work primarely from the point of view of logic and rationality, and only then add creative and innovative solutions, and not vice-versa. Experience of customers, which work with us not the first year, confirms, that we are on the right way.

Quickly. We keep the discipline and order in our work, but we know and understand what means "pressing deadlines". We can rebuild work in such a way to fit everything in. We always have ready equipment in our wokshop.

Pleasant. We approach the challenges and needs of the partners as our. And we do a bit more than they expected of us. You can always get advice, new ideas, valuable information and just friendly attitude. Even if your issue is not within our competence, we will always advise You who can help you. Our experts are on-line 24 hours a day every day.