3 tonnes of WILDPLUG LCM Materials for curing of circulation losses were shipped to our foreign Partners.

The Drilling Innovation company continues cooperation with the Partner from Mexico for supplying of equipment and carrying out of services.

At the beginning of April we shipped 3 sets of Whipstocks for window cutting KLEN HA – 7”, Overflow valves for 7” and Set of spare parts for Whipstocks.

At the beginning of April, four sets of Whipstocks KLEN HA 6 5/8" were shipped for our foreign Partners.

On January 16, 2018, Drilling Innovation Company celebrated its anniversary - a 10 years of successful work.

We are pleased to note that in these years we've achieved successful projects, major international and Russian partnerships, business growth.

Once again the equipment for window cutting in the cased hole was prepared on the request of our reliable foreign Partners.

At this time it were KLEN HA - 9-5/8”, KLEN HA - 11-7/8”, KLEN HA - 13-3/8”, also Overflow valves for 7”, 9-5/8”, 11-7/8” & 13-3/8” casing.

One more set of One-trip hydraulic Whipstocks KLEN HA 7" was sent to Ukraine at beginning of November.