Another work of window milling in a nonstandard casing 9-7/8” #62.8ppf (251mm x 15.5mm) at the end of July was carried out by the specialists of DI LLC for the construction of an offshore exploration well Octly-1.

DI LLC provided the unique equipment hydraulic whipstock (anchor type) for the 6,5” open hole.

The caliper logs show so many wash outs in the interval below the 7-5/8” casing shoe and upper than the emergency bottom.

The unique equipment was prepared by the designers and specialists of Drilling Innovation LLC for sidetruck in open hole during the emergency situation at a depth of 5200 m.

Earlier, Drilling Innovation Co Ltd. did the orientation of the whipstocks only with magnetic inclinometers. There were restrictions on the zenith angle, since the magnetic inclinometer allows orienting only according to HS.

Dear Partners! Dear Friends! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We want to thank you for your support and collaboration in the last year and look forward to a strong relationship in the years to come.

Once again the equipment for window milling in the cased hole was prepared on the request of our reliable foreign partners.

This time it were four standart KLEN HA 6-5/8 (One trip Whipstosks with hydraulic anchor for window milling in the cased 168mm) and two reaming mills-144mm, KLEN HA 10-3/4 for cased 273mm with window mill-170mm and reaming mill-180mm.