Loss of drilling fluid is a downhole complication characterized by complete or partial loss of circulation of the drilling fluid during drilling.

Factors affecting the occurrence of lost circulation can be divided into two groups:

1) geological factors - the type of absorbing formation, its thickness and depth, insufficient resistance of rocks to hydraulic fracturing, formation pressure and characteristics of the formation fluid, as well as the presence of other accompanying complications;

2) technological factors - the quantity and quality of the drilling mud pumped to the well, the method of drilling, the speed of the round-trip operations, etc .; this group also includes technical equipment and organization of the drilling process.

A set of equipment for cutting a window for onr trip - a 9 5/8" hydraulic whipstock was shipped from the warehouse in Aznakaevo to Bratsk.

The set also included an overflow valve, UBHO, and reaming mill.

One more non-standard work was carried out by the Drilling Innovation specialists in the Krasnoyarsk region.

This time we had to solve the issue on whipstock setting in a 11.6" open hole. The complexity of the operation was that a large number of lost circulation zones created problems for the drilling engineers and the open hole walls were not stable, as pointed in the caliper logs from this well.

The results of the “Exporter of the Year” contest among companies exporting products or services of their own production have been summed up. This year, 28 companies of Bashkortostan became its participants.

At the end of March, the Drilling innovation's specialists carried out 2 difficult operations on window cutting through two casings at the Ozernoye field.

Hydraulic KLEN-HA type whipstocks, manufactured by Drilling innovation LLC, were set in a 168mm casing.

Despite the current situation in the world, we continue to work at the same pace.

So at the end of February we have received request from our Partner for supplying of 8 sets of Whipstock with hydraulic anchor KLEN HA 6 5/8”.