Two sets of Whipstock with hydraulic anchor KLEN HA 6 5/8 were shipped to our new Customers from near abroad.

2019 for Drilling Innovation LLC began with an introduction to new Partners from South America.

Happy New year 2019 and Merry Christmass to our Partners and Friends!!!

On the request from our Partner, Drilling Innovation's engineer carried out window cutting in a 244.5 mm casing in the near abroad.

At the beginning of December, Drilling Innovation specialists met with representatives of drilling companies operating in Southeast Asia. In order to expand the prospects for further cooperation, we made a presentation of Hydraulic Type Whipstock for cutting the “window” for one trip in cased and in open hole.

The Drilling Innovation company is a manufacturer of high-quality sidetracking equipment. We show ourselves for over ten years as a reliable and responsible partner, capable of effectively solving any tasks!

Therefore, companies working with us trust and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with us.