The ADIPEC International Oil and Gas Exhibition in Abu Dhabi (UAE) is one of the most important industry events in the entire Middle East region and a first-class platform for the exchange of knowledge and best practices. The exhibition is extremely popular and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

One of the meetings with the Partners from the Middle East, which we held at our base, was successful. The customer has placed an order for 10 sets of Retrievable mechanical Whipstocks for cutting a "window" in 9-5/8" and 7" casings./p>

The priority for our company has always been mutually beneficial cooperation and trusting relationships. Therefore, we are always working to improve the quality of materials and technologies, which allows us to remain in demand on the market today. So, one of the Partners, with whom we have been working for more than six years, again turned to us with an application for the manufacture of whipstock for cutting out a "window" in a 6-5/8" casing.

In late September, we shipped a couple of whipstock sets to our reliable Partners in Latin America. This time it was equipment for 11-7/8 and 13-3/8 casings.

Not a lot of work on cutting out windows is carried out annually in large size casings, such as 8-5/8", 9-5/8", 10-3/4" and 13-3/8". Our company is always ready, there is equipment in stock for all standard sizes of cazong and the company's engineer is always ready to help the customer in terms of preparing and agreeing a work plan in the event of an accident.

The hydraulic whipstock KLEN-HA 5-¾" was set by an engineer of Drilling innovation LLC in a 5-¾" casing at the customer's well in Orenburg region.