A very difficult job was conducted by the chief technologist of DI team. He had to work in the sultry heat, which was not any obstacle for the representative of Drilling Innovation LLC.

At the beginning of May, by the request of our partner from near abroad, the company “DDT” produced sets of whipstocks KLEN HA 7" for sidetracking in the casing.

Equipment sets consist of a hydraulic anchor, a wedge-deflector with a hydraulic system, a window mill, a reaming mill and additional tools.

Equipment for sidetracking was shipped to our new customers from South America.

Four more online meetings have been completed this month.

Equipment presentations were held within the framework of the negotiations.

Sidetracking equipment for 245mm, 301mm and 340mm casings was shipped this week to our regular customer from far abroad.

Recently, online presentations have become commonplace for us.

So in early March, a regular online meeting with potential customers was held.