Despite the holidays and weekends, the drilling process does not stop. Once again, DI specialists were involved in the process of cutting the windows at emergency wells in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra and in the Irkutsk Region, when everyone in the country was celebrating Victory Day.

Despite all the restrictions imposed on our country, Driiling Innovation LLC continues to fulfill its obligations in the international market.

The company's specialists continue to ship the equipment, which is designed in accordance with all the rules and regulations. Process engineers have found ways to interact with foreign customers and possible options for mobilizing engineering staff to another continent.

The Karachaganak field is one of three world-class Kazakh fields being developed in the North Caspian region, discovered in 1979. Although this field is inferior to the other two - Kashagan and Tengiz, the reserves of oil and condensate in Karachaganak amount to more than 1.2 billion tons, and gas - 1.35 trillion cubic meters, which allows it to be included in the top twenty leading oil and gas fields in the world in terms of explored reserves.

Drilling Innovation specialists once again came to the aid of the drillers on an urgent request. A set of hydraulic whipstock type KLEN-HA 9-5/8 manufactured by Drilling Innovation LLC was set at a new field in Yugra region.

At the beginning of February, by the request of our partner from near abroad, the company “DDT” produced sets of whipstocks KLEN HA 7 5/8 and 8 5/8 for sidetracking in the casing.

Equipment sets consist of a hydraulic anchor, a wedge-deflector with a hydraulic system, a window mill, a reaming mill and additional tools.

Equipment export to the other side of the earth has long been no problem for the Drilling Innovatoin team. So this time we shipped the equipment for sidetracking quickly and very smoothly.