Once again long-time partner requested to the Drilling Innovation LLC to carry out a window cutting in 168mm casing of well with a large angle of inclination.

During the Installation of cement plugs at the inclination of over 60 degrees, drilling crew faced with some problems.

So it was decided to use One-trip hydraulic Whipstock for sidetracking, that can be set up in any place the production string at any angle of inclination without any difficulties.

In the shortest possible time hydraulic Whipstock KLEN НА 6-5/8’’ and engineer were sent to the base of the Customer and then delivered to the well site by helicopter.

Set up operations of a hydraulic Whipstock was conducted on Khadyriakhinskoe field at a 6230ft depth. And although the angle at installation place of the Whipstock was more than 60 degrees, it was oriented with own magnetic inclinometer with a wired communication channel.

All operations: a Whipstock Assembly on a rig site, running KLEN-HA-6.5/8 to the required depth, orientation of Whipstock, the window cutting in 168*10,35 mm casing of well, drilling of technical hole, with a length of 4m, lifting and disassembly of BHA took only 31 hours, and the window cutting in that large angle of inclination took only 3 hours.