Finally, spring is here! Warm and long-awaited. The snow melted and the beautiful sun not only shines but also warms.

The first flowers, first leaves - a time of renewal in nature. And it's time for cleanup! And we held a traditional spring Community work day on 21 April on the territory of the production base of Dynamic Drilling Technology LLC.

For us it is not only a planned event, but a tradition, which the staff supports with high activity. For us to support in the production and in the territories of the company perfect order has become the rule. It is also the occasion to talk informally with each other, exchange information or just to be together with colleagues.

This year a team of Sorina company came to help for us:

– The team of Sorina LLC on Community work day has arrived! – has declared Mr. lsur, Director of the company .

– Ya-a-ay! – everybody unanimously supported Mr. lsur, and together began cleaning.

Everyone worked cheerfully, with a twinkle. And after work everybody had lunch outdoors in a cozy alcove, with guitar songs and gifts.

With much gratitude we want to appeal to the staff of Sorina company for help, good mood and positive day!

We are sure that the good tradition, which come from the distant Soviet past, will remain relevant in the future. Because community work day is needed not only to restore order, but also to bring people together and to give the joy of collective work.