The next window in the casing 7" #29 was milled by specialists of Drilling Innovation LLC with the help of One Trip Hydraulic Whipstock KLEN-HA-7 in eastern Siberia for a new customer.

Our company promptly responded to customer request for running the hydraulic whipstock for sidetracking on the well No.512BS at a fully autonomous Danilovskoe field.

The equipment and engineer of Drilling Innovation LLC were delivered to the rig site in East Siberia at a distance of 4500 km away from the DI yard in the shortest possible time. The engineer had to use all modes of transport (aircraft, train, boat and helicopter), to reach the Rig which had not affect to the quality of work. After 2 days from arrival to the rig, the window was cuted with a system of hydraulic whipstock KLEN-HA-7 and the BHA for the drilling of lateral bore passed smoothly through the window. Whipstock was oriented by magnetic inclinometer to 60 degree from HS. It was done the 4th hole in the well and geologists hope to get oil as in the nearest at the same field.