At the beginning of December, Drilling Innovation specialists met with representatives of drilling companies operating in Southeast Asia. In order to expand the prospects for further cooperation, we made a presentation of Hydraulic Type Whipstock for cutting the “window” for one trip in cased and in open hole.

During the meetings, we told about the advantages of our Whipstocks, such as:

-Allows sidetrack without cementing and support for anchor setting,

-Can be applied in cased and in open hole,

-Window milling for one trip,

-Simple and reliable design of the anchor,

-Equipment can be used in the intervals with angles up to 90 degree,

-Possibility for direct and back circulation while Whipstock running,

-the best value for money and other.

Having held this presentation in the office of potential Partners abroad, we were again able to present and show complete and competitive products. We hope that our Colleagues have appreciated our equipment and in the future we will have strong and mutually beneficial partnerships.