Not a lot of work on cutting out windows is carried out annually in large size casings, such as 8-5/8", 9-5/8", 10-3/4" and 13-3/8". Our company is always ready, there is equipment in stock for all standard sizes of cazong and the company's engineer is always ready to help the customer in terms of preparing and agreeing a work plan in the event of an accident.

Once again, Drilling Innovation LLC promptly helped the Customer in a well accident and cut a window at 9-5/8" # 43.5 C-95. The whipstock was oriented using a small-sized GyroTracer Directional gyroscope.

The efficiency of the engineers of the Drilling Innovation and well-coordinated work at the Customer's drilling site allowed not to waste time and quickly eliminate the accident. The drilling process was resumed as soon as possible.