The use of light metal structures and awning in the construction offer significant advantages in comparison with the permanent structures:

- low price;

- ready-made building for a short time;

- strength, durability and longevity of the used materials;

- mobility, can be erected and dismantled many times;

- bright airy atmosphere inside, no need for lights during daylight hours

Frame – awning sheds for various types of industrial equipment, drilling rigs, design-ned to improve working conditions and increase productivity, protect the environment.

We are ready to provide you with awning shed for all types of drilling and workover rigs

We used the materials having rugged-ness , resistant to high humidity, aggressive media and a sharp temperature drops from + 70 till (-60) degrees by C.

In modern conditions of any sports facility should be used effectively throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.

Frame – awning designs are the optimum solution for indoor tennis courts, ice skating, gymnastics arena, swimming pools and playgrounds, shelters the stands, as well as to create a multi-sports centers.

Multi - hangars are used as storage facilities for equipment, products and fertilizers, pre-mises for keeping cattle and so on.

The use of modern materials, with no need for lights during daylight hours makes these designs ideal for the animals, and significantly reduces operating costs.