Finally, spring is here! Warm and long-awaited. The snow melted and the beautiful sun not only shines but also warms.

Drilling Innovation Company together with the Drilling crew conducted the window milling & kickoff operations during the New Year holidays in Muslyumovskoe oil field.

Drilling innovation LLC hosted new guests and introduced them with the one-trip Whipstock, expandable profile liner for isolation of lost circulation zones, underreamers, circulating valves, workover and casing repair tools.

At the end of November Drilling Innovation company with business visit was visited by the partners from the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa)

At the end of September the set of equipment for window cutting - One trip hydraulic Whipstock KLEN HA – 5 3/4 for 146 mm cased hole on Vostochno-Izmajlovskoe oil field was prepared on the request of our partners.

Setting of One-trip hydraulic Whipstock KLEN НА 6-5/8’’ with orientation at inclination more than 60 degrees.