- One trip whipstock

- Our whipstock, although very simple in design, provide a reliable anchor.

- The use of our whipstocks allows the cutting of the window in casings without any cementing or similar operations with inclinations up to 90º.

- The double mill cutter is reinforced with metal-ceramic composition and reinforced by alloy plates that make possible high-speed milling.

- The use of our whipstocks makes possible window-cutting operations of only 4 to 8 hours, depending on casing thickness, casing steel grade, and inclination angle in the window-cutting interval.

- Whipstock system can be used with Close Valve System (CVS) for orientation by MWD. CVS allows to circulate while running at any depth with flow rate up to 600 GPM.

Сatalog for KLEN Whipstock Сatalog for 7" Whipstock Сatalog for 9 5/8" Whipstock Questionnaire