One more branch of Joint-Stock Company "SSK" has decided to cooperate with Drilling Innovation Co. It was - Krasnoyarsk

So, during the period from October, 17-th till October, 18-th 2010г Drilling Innovation Co and Krasnoyarsk branch of Joint-Stock Company «Siberian Service Company» have made orientation and Whip-stock setting in open hole on the well №103 Dulisminsky OGC-field.

Drilling Innovation cut the Window in 6 5/8” Casing on the Priobskoe Oil field (Well No.4827) in the period 30-31 July, 2010

Drilling Innovation’s technologists and drilling crew under the direction of Fedchenko S. and Siberian Service Company’s technologist Aksinin S. set the hydraulic whipstock BS-168 on the depth 2145 m. For window milling was used two reaming mills with OD 146,0 and 145,5 mm.

On August 11th , 2009 Drilling Innovation cut the another window in the well no. 129 (well cluster no. 142 Priobskoye oilfield) for Siberian Service Company Close Corporation. The window in 6.614” casing was cut at 8530’ depth.

The significant event happened in the beginning of August. Our company concluded a contract with Quipco Al Shoumoukh LLC (United Arab Emirates) on the production of hydraulic packer as part of our whipstock. This company develops and manufactures the downhole tools, subs, kelly, fishing tools, as well as repair of drill pipes. The equipment meets the stringent requirements of API standards.