In the period from 6-th to 10-th December, a joint work with the old customer company SSC CJS for window cutting at the well 877 Muhanovskoе oil field.

Following an unsuccessful third-party contractors work on the salt-acid treatment of bottomhole formation zone the packers were left on the well bottom. Fishing for their extraction from wells produced no results. The customer decided to drill a lateral hole, setting the whipstock above the packers.

December 2nd 2011 our engineers cut the window at well number 11 751 Romashkinskoye field.

At the end of the October, specialists of DI Co. crossed another milestone of presentations, coordination and preparation for the trial works for isolating of the absorption zones of drilling mud while drilling in the United Arab Emirates.As a result, technology has been approved by Arab experts and was at the first time applied in the heart of the Arab deserts.

On the period from October 27th to November 3rd our team conducted NBEU trial on well no. BB-904, ADCO, UAE. NBEU was used on 12-1/4 drilling in BHA with PDC bit and down hole motor.

On October 18-20th, 2011 our Business Development Advisor has took a part in the SPE conference, Moscow. The conference was called The SPE Arctic and Extreme Environments Conference and Exhibition.